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Since the floor staining on February 16th, our refrigeration cases arrived — including produce, meat & seafood, deli and freezer cases.  This equipment really begins to define the inside look of the building and outlines some of our store aisles — so exciting! In addition to our cases, our soup and salad bars are here and sink installation begins next week.
An aisle of Dairy cases with Meat & Seafood cases in the background.

The interior walls are now painted with bright, cheerful (and fun!) colors that match our logo – purples, yellows and other hues to distinguish each section of the store.

This week, Harvey Construction, the building contractor, meets with the city of Keene to discuss our Certificate of Occupancy — which will determine when co-op staff can move into the building. Knowing our move-in date will help us commit to an official store opening date (sometime in early April).  Stay tuned!

We want to give a big shout out of thanks to Dan Scully, Katie Cassidy Sutherland and the staff from Scully Architects, and also Matt Holian, Jack Dugan and the staff at Monadnock Economic Development Corp

An aisle of Dairy cases with Meat & Seafood cases in the background.

. They’ve all been wonderful partners in this project, helping us do everything from staining the co-op’s floor to obtaining our exterior sign permit.


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Mid-February Building Update

The store window installation is over halfway complete.  We learned today that some of the windows weigh 400 pounds each! Dry wall taping started and priming of the walls begins on Friday.  The building project continues to run on schedule — which means an early April co-op opening! 

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Window frame installation began this week, making way for next week’s window installation.  After the below zero weather last week, the construction crew must be happily anticipating this next step!

About ninety percent of the building’s drywall is up and the ceiling painting starts tomorrow. Visit the Railroad Square site this week and you’ll see that the mason finished setting bricks on one corner of the co-op building.   You can view the outside of the building anytime (from outside the construction site’s perimeter fencing) and we hope to offer building tours of the inside closer to opening.

The blue marker marks the Monadnock Food Co-op building site.  View a larger Google Map.

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We recently received a question from a community member and thought others might have the same question:

Q: How did the co-op decide on its current locations and why didn’t it use an existing building?

A: The Board of Directors and Steering Committee of our co-op initiative took two years exploring this very question.

Our founding group’s goal was to use an existing structure–but as we explored all the vacant buildings in Keene, we found that due to our needs for heavy equipment, refrigeration, parking, specific building size, and a loading dock, many of the existing buildings available at that time would have to be leveled and then rebuilt to meet our needs.

We looked for a site that would best:

  • Allow the Co-op to meet its sales potential and become a viable business long into the future.
  • Meet the vision of the founding member-owners and the community for a downtown-based grocery store; one that offered a more walk-able and bike-able option, for seniors and other community members without cars, while contributing to a vibrant downtown (as expressed by community members in the Keene Comprehensive Master Plan (2010); Friends of Center City Survey (2007); and over 12 regional surveys the Co-op conducted from 2007 – 2010).

The Railroad Square site, the site chosen for the Monadnock Food Co-op, is a revitalized Brownfield Site and part of the city’s Smart Growth Initiative.  It sits right next to a bike path in the heart of downtown Keene. The Monadnock Economic Development Corporation is constructing the building and then leasing it to the co-op.   All in all, we believe the new co-op building will serve our community’s needs well now and into the future.

Have a question for the co-op?  
Share it with us at marketing@monadnockfood.coop or call Jen at 603-283-5401.

Overview of the Railroad Land site from MEDC’s website

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Late-December Building Update

Installation of the co-op building’s interior wall frames started — and we can now see office spaces, bathrooms and other features emerging.  The photo below shows the frame of a curved bench that will be in the cafe seating area.  We’re looking forward to taking a break and grabbing a treat here next spring.

Section of the cafe seating area. Rest assured, the puddles will vanish once the windows are installed.

Another layer of 2″ foam board is going up, on top of the spray foam insulation, bringing our wall R-value (insulation rating) up to R31.  If you missed our last update, highlighting all the energy efficiency upgrades to our building, you can view it here.

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This fall we made four energy efficiency upgrades to the co-op building made possible by Green Gap Funding LLC.  Founded in 2012, Green Gap Funding is made up of local investors interested in accelerating Keene’s progress towards a greener future. They raise funds through equity investment and loan it to suitable development projects. Our Co-op is their very first project!

Spray foam insulation, added to the wall cavities, makes for a more energy efficient co-op.

Spray foam insulation, added to the wall cavities, makes for a more energy efficient co-op.

Building upgrades summary:

  • We added 2″ rigid foam under the slab, improving insulation from R0 to R10
  • We improved the wall insulation from R20 to R31
  • We improved our roof insulation by adding additional foam changing the insulation from R20 to R40
  • We upgraded our double pane windows to triple pane which increased our insulation from R2.22 to R4.17

2012-12-04 09.16.50Outside the building, crews added exterior masonry and if you visit the construction site now, you’ll see green covering most of the building.  That’s the air barrier covering the wall insulation.

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Our Floor is Poured!  

Our foundation slab, a.k.a. our floor, was poured last Tuesday — sealing our hopes and dreams for our co-op underneath.  Our community contributed these hopes and dreams at our Ground Breaking Celebration in June.  Now they are part of the co-op’s foundation.

I hope the Co-op gathers us all in and feels like home — bread in the oven and soup on the stove.  I hope it will also be a place to honor and support local artists and artisans and musicians — beauty on the walls and shelves and intriguing melody in the air.  Our Co-op should make us hum!          ~ Marcia Wessels

We hope to make all of these dreams a reality when we open our community-owned store this coming spring.  Thank you for all of your support and participation.

From the floor, to the walls and roof!  The exterior wall framing and roof are also complete, helping to seal in the building before winter arrives. Next steps in the construction process are to install the exterior masonry and spray foam insulation into the wall cavities.

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